Left to right: Patty Hopkins, nurse; Diane Murray, occupational therapist; Eugene Pack; Carmen Cooper, physical therapist assistant; and Tabitha Mento, nurse

After being hospitalized due to spinal osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection of the bone, Eugene Pack had lost several mobility and self-care functions.


Pack came to Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on June, 26, 2019.


When he arrived, Pack could not walk, balance or get out of bed without assistance. In fact, he even had difficulty getting around in a wheelchair. He also could not complete everyday tasks, like dressing and bathing, without complete assistance.


Physical and occupational therapists worked to help Pack regain the abilities he had lost. Physical therapists used strengthening exercises and equipment to help him regain his mobility, and occupational therapists worked to help Pack independently perform his activities of daily living.


Pack made astounding progress before finishing therapy on Aug. 30.


Upon completion, Pack had mastered, and surpassed, the use of a wheelchair. In fact, he had regained his balance and transfer abilities and could walk 1,000 feet independently. He also became independent in all of his activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, managing his medications and completing hygiene tasks.


“When I came in, I couldn’t walk,” said Pack. “I was in the worst shape I’ve ever been in. Now, I’m 100 percent better, and I want to thank the staff for that. Therapy helped me so much, and the nurses were really good.”


Pack excitedly returned home, satisfied with his progress and his stay at Life Care Center of Jefferson City.