Left to right: Karen Mearns, occupational therapist; Virginia Chesney; Amanda Luttrell, physical therapist

Virginia Chesney was suffering from an altered mental state that left her weak and unable to walk without assistance from a walker.


Chesney came to Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee, on Aug. 25, 2017, for her rehabilitation.


“I was first of all impressed with the dispositions and attitudes – they were all friendly, starting with the nurse that saw me that first night,” said Chesney of the rehab team. “Now I recognize them by name – we are friends.”


When she arrived, Chesney required extensive assistance in transferring from one surface to another and using a wheelchair. She needed moderate assistance in walking, getting in and out of bed, standing, bathing and getting dressed.


Physical therapists worked with Chesney seven times a week to improve her gait, strength and mobility. They used the Theraband® Station, a total body rehab system; the OmnicycleTM, an exercise bicycle that includes hand cranks to work out the full body while seated; and the NuStep® recumbent stepper for strength and mobility training. Occupational therapists used an activities of daily living kitchen to improve Chesney’s ability to complete her everyday tasks.


“She worked very hard because she knew she had to in order to return safely home,” said Karen Mearns, occupational therapist.


Virginia Chesney returned to her home on Sept. 27. She is now caring for herself and is fully independent in her activities of daily living.