Left to right: Mike McGimsey, physical therapist assistant; Leisa Evans, occupational therapist assistant; and Bert Anderson Jr.

Bert Anderson Jr. had already fought through a multitude of adverse health conditions when he came to Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee.


He had previously been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, COPD, sepsis and pneumonia.


After treatment at The University of Tennessee Medical Center, Anderson was doing better, but he was still weak and needed rehabilitation to live independently.


Anderson came to Life Care Center of Jefferson City for rehabilitation on June 26, 2019.


Upon arrival, Anderson needed assistance to walk and transfer. He had difficulty balancing, and he had virtually no wheelchair mobility. He also could not complete activities of daily living, like dressing or bathing, without extensive assistance, and he needed someone else to manage his medications for him.


The facility provided physical and occupational therapies to help Anderson return to normal. Physical therapists used strengthening exercises and special equipment to help him regain his balance, walk farther and use a wheelchair without assistance. Occupational therapists helped him regain his ability to perform daily tasks.


By the end of therapy, Anderson could walk 250 feet, and could walk in grass and over curbs. He could also complete all of his hygiene and self-care tasks with independence and manage his own medication correctly.


“I’m grateful for the effort put forth and the progress I’ve made toward my goals,” said Anderson. “The care and compassion by the staff here is incredible. The therapy I’ve received here has been excellent, and competence, caring and compassion have been exemplified.”


Anderson completed therapy on August 6, 2019, and was happy to return home.