Left to right: Diane Murray, occupational therapist; Kathy Lane, director of rehab; Billie Chambers; Leisa Evans, occupational therapist assistant; and Amanda Luttrell, physical therapist

Pneumonia and respiratory failure necessitated a hospital stay for Billie Chambers.


When she was released from the hospital, she needed further care and rehabilitation in order to return to her normal activity level.


Chambers arrived at Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee, on Oct. 10, 2017, so weak that two people had to help her to roll over in bed. She couldn’t walk or stand up or bathe herself without total assistance, and she needed extensive assistance to get dressed and get in and out of bed. She also had difficulty swallowing.


Therapy seven days a week helped Chambers achieve her goal of returning home.


Speech therapy assisted by teaching Chambers how to swallow safely again, while occupational therapists helped her relearn her activities of daily living and how to take care of her home again. Physical therapists concentrated on strengthening exercises and energy conservation techniques. They used resistance bands and exercise machines to help Chambers get back in physical condition for walking and balancing.


“Billie was determined and worked very hard to meet her physical therapy goals to be able to return home,” said Amanda Luttrell, physical therapist assistant.


Leisa Evans, occupational therapist assistant, added, “Billie achieved her goals through hard work, the support of her family and determination to return home at her optimal level of independence, while selflessly supporting and encouraging other residents in therapy.”


“I did not think I would ever go home, but they did not give up on me,” Chambers said. “My stay was great, and everyone was very good to me.”


Chambers returned home on Jan. 22, 2018.